It's National Penpal Day

june 1.jpg

June 1st is National Penpal Day (in the U.S., at least), and what a day to celebrate!

I am biased, but I think getting a penpal is a gift that every child should receive right about the time of adolescence. Although I think knowing someone in your own country who lives in a different city is useful, I am an enthusiastic supporter of international penpals. Knowing someone overseas will inform your watching of the news. Generally speaking, penpalling will broaden your world as you learn how someone your age is living in a different place.

I got my first penpal at 12 years old, through an invitation from my high school French teacher. It is a decision that I never regretted. It is also the gift that keeps on giving, as I have had penpals in the 30 years since. 

Penpalling is a great hobby because you can do it on your own time - no pesky limits on the hours that you can do it. It also doesn't require any special supplies - just pen and paper. Of course, many penpallers buy special stationery, pens and make their own envelopes...but that is not required. Thirdly, the price of stamps is fairly reasonable around the world.

I encourage you to start on your own penpalling journey. 

Keep calm and write on!