asking questions

But What Should I Write About?

PENPAL TIP - Ask questions

Part of being a penpal is to get to know your correspondent. If you don't want to know the other person, there's no good reason to get a penpal.

In a face-to-face conversation, you can show interest by your facial expression or murmured words of agreement or tracking of the other person's conversation. With pen and paper, one of the best ways of showing interest in the other person is to ask questions.

While reading the letter, it helps to have a pen or a highlighter so you can underline parts where your penpal wrote something interesting about which you'd like to follow up with a question. But there are times when your penpal may write a letter that doesn't have a lot of points you can follow up. What do you do?

Pull something from pop culture or from the news to speak about.

You can also look online to find lists of questions to ask new friends. I have found two good lists here:…/fun-questions-to-get-to-know… or…/.

Many other questions can be found with a simple Google search. As well, you can ask about their family or the town where they live or grew up.

If you had a face-to-face friendship and never once asked a question of the other person, that friendship would likely not develop. The same is true of a correspondence.

Keep calm and write on!