digital letters

Handwritten Letters in a Digital World

Ivan Cash had an interesting idea: invite people to email him a letter that they wished to send to a friend, acquaintance or family member. Ivan committed to writing the letter and sending it off, as a service project of sorts, as he sought a new path in life.

snail mail my email.PNG

Very quickly after launching the website, Ivan became overwhelmed with the requests for letters to be sent. Thankfully, others volunteered to write letters with him and Snail Mail My Email continued. In total, 234 volunteers from around the world sent 10,457 letters (at their own expense) to 70 countries on all continents.


The book, Snail Mail My Email, has copies of at least 100 of these letters and the creativity of the letter senders is wonderful. I heartily recommend this book and I also recommend finding a way, in this rush-rush digital world, for you to connect with others. 

Keep calm and write on!