The Price of Two Gumballs


In September 2017, I was blessed to attend my 30th class reunion. For the majority of the other planned reunions, I was out of the United States and could not attend so this was special to me to see those with whom I had spent four years of my life. Years that had been the best of times and the worst of times.

Some brought their yearbook to the reunion and browsing through made me think of the teachers I had had. A month after the reunion, I came across one of my former English teachers online. She was still teaching English but at a different school. I made a mental note to send her a letter.

Well, life interrupted and it wasn’t until the Christmas holidays when I sat myself down to write to her. I also wrote two others – French teachers. It took a while, but finally towards the end of January, I got responses from two of them. They both remembered me and were happy to hear what I had made of my life. They shared a bit of what they had done once they left my high school.

I don’t think either my letters or their responses were more than a page in length, but it left me with a warm fuzzy, both in hearing from them and knowing I had brought a smile to their day.

Once again, I was struck with the fact that for the cost of two gumballs (that is, 50 cents), I was able to connect with people from my past...through the simple mechanism of a letter.

I encourage you in letter writing. If you’ve only been accustomed to writing emails or texts, it may seem a bit stilted at first. But as with most skills, it’s the regular practice that develops the muscle. Keep at it. Your letter may bring a smile to someone’s face and that is worth the price of two gumballs.

Keep calm and write on!