She Dared to Reach Out

In a world where many don't know their neighbors, and even for those who do, they have a surface relationship, this story is inspiring. Read the Washington Post story here.

A lonely 90-year-old, Wanda Mills wrote a letter to her neighbor, Marleen Brooks, asking, simply, for a friend. Indeed, it took courage for Ms. Mills to write the letter and to get it to her neighbor. At the same time, it speaks well of Ms. Brooks that she 1) read the letter and 2) responded. Marleen is married with two teenage children and works full-time outside the home. Responding to her neighbor's plea undoubtedly cost her some time and energy. Yet she did.

And not only did Ms. Brooks respond to her neighbor, she considered the her neighbor might not be the only lonely elderly person around. And Ms. Brooks created a Facebook group called Pen Pals for Seniors. Anyone can sign up to write a letter to a senior citizen who has also signed up on the site.

As he character in one of my favorite kid's video series says: Good has been done here.

We all have the chance to brighten the life of someone else, through this vehicle of penpalling.

Keep calm and write on!