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Ask and Ye Shall Receive?

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What if you could ask your mailbox for something...and you would receive it?

This is the story of Liam, a boy who desperately wants mail. So he writes a letter to his mailbox. His mailbox delivers, sometimes more than he was hoping for! This light-hearted children's book by Ben Clanton made me and my eight-year-old son laugh out loud in parts.

More than an idea in an easy-reading book, penpalling is making a request of your mailbox. We never really know how the mailbox will respond. Sometimes, our requests go unanswered, although we send letter upon letter.  Sometimes, the letters seem to come at a steady pace and we are hard-pressed to have the time to responsd.

In addition to letters, some penpals send little gifts or even boxes of stuff for your birthday or Christmas.

I have found, still, that the best response from my mailbox is a steady stream of letters in a correspondance relationship, where I get to know the penpal: her family, friends, the things that bring a smile to her face and those things that make her sigh.

What's coming in your mail?

Keep calm and write on!